Sunday, 17 February 2013

deep inside

i miss you. i miss talking to you.

how i wish u knew. how i wish u felt the same too.

first time

for the first time, last night i dreamt about you. for the first time, as i woke up today, i smile. 

what is wrong with me?

Friday, 15 February 2013


somehow, i found this song really soothing me. like it can give me hope, of my own future. maybe, just maybe that one day, there'll be someone that can make me smile again, just like this song did.



it hurts so much. rasa dia macam jantung kau kena tarik keluar from your own body. every night. sakit, tahu tak?

and ouh yeah. aku baru tahu yang sakit putus cinta ni boleh buat sampai demam. hurmmm.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


yes. i cried a little last night. yes. i cried til i fell asleep. and yes, today as i woke up, u were the one who still is on my mind.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

we lost the fight

as i expected, tonight, u give up on us. 

you lost me

i am done. i have tried it all. i thought i can save this relationship, but no i cannot. i am giving up. maybe this is the time to let everything go.

sometimes, i ask myself. if we are over, is that u who cannot live without me or is that me who cannot live without you?

5 years, i guess it is me.

i cried every single time i listen to this song. even now. 

it's been so long

daripada dulu aku memang suka menulis. but, at one point, i stop. i don't have the courage to write. i am scared of what will people think about me, about my writing. somehow, now, i really need this. to write. again. to express my feelings, so i guess go to hell with people judgmental mind.